Thanks to everyone who came out last night!

For those of you who could not make it last night the sale is on until next 
MAKE is open // M-F 7-7 & S-S 11-6



Introducing our Wool Felt Tote.
It will keep your goods cozy and warm and can even double as a pillow for an impromptu nap.
You will find this cozy tote at MAKE starting 
Thursday December 13th. 

photo by: Jill Sawatzky



I have been felting again and the familiar scent of soaked wool and dove soap fill my apartment. I have been felting for years and still the process seems somewhat mysterious to me. Small scales open as the PH of the wool is changed by the soap and with much rubbing they are fused together to create a new form, 
the shape my hands have given it.

The scarf shown above will be available in midnight navy, pewter, charcoal and dijon at Make in December. 




We are busy sewing and printing and felting our buts off getting ready for the opening of our show at make on 
Thursday December 13th.  

We can't wait to for you to see it all in person!
happy saturday


for you me & us winter 2012

Here's a little preview of what we have in store for you this holiday season.
We did a photo shoot last Sunday with Jill Sawatzky and we couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.
She is a freakin' genious. 
We are doing something a little bit different for the sale this year that we are very excited to tell you about.
Details will be coming very soon.
Until then, happy Friday!

photos by: Christie Peters
pretty lady in the photos: Pascale Forest-Axford


left overs

 for all of the ladies (and gents) who
couldn't make it to the sale, we wanted you to know that it
is not too late to get your hands on a summer tote
or a potted succulent. 
We don't have an online shop set up yet, but if you are
interested in buying/ordering an item
please email us at
and we can definitely make
that happen for you.

The hand painted pots are $18 on their own
or $28 with the leather bit that you can
use to hang them on your wall 
or in a window.
Currently they are all hanging out happily on my shelf at home, 
but I can easily string them up for you and 
deliver them right to your doorstep
at no extra charge.

The screen printed cotton scarves are all $45.
I think I will bring them with me to Freshair Boutique tomorrow,
but if you can't make it down there I am
happy to have you come to my Wolseley home to 
try one or two on!

The lunch totes have all sold, but we
arehappy to make more if anyone is interested.
They are $32 each and we guarantee they will hold all of your
Tupperware containers and banana guards with room to spare!
The only thing is, you will need to wait till August to get 
your hungry hands on one, since the lovely Jen Pauls will 
be away for most of July.

 The summer totes are still available.
We don't have enough fabric to make more of them, 
but we have one red striped tote and 
one oatmeal striped tote left.
They come with a place to stow your keys, 
a pocket for your cell phone, and a divided pocket 
for your wallet and your sunnies.
They are $90 each.

We also have the kids tshirts, a few tiny onesies,
and a couple of bon apetit tea towels left.
Email us if you are interested and we
can email you some pictures of them.

happy tuesday everyone!


thank you

thank you from the bottom
of our hearts
to everyone who came out to the
forage market on Saturday afternoon.
You make all of the sleepless nights 
spent sewing and printing
totally worth it!

image is from this lovely blog